Here are some of the benefits which made AccuRoute 1 innovative:
The ability to measure cross-country routes before leaving the comfort of your armchair — ideal if it's an untried route, if young children are in your party, or where depleted stamina reserves could be a safety concern
Takes the guesswork out of comparing routes over widely differing terrains
Monitors your improvements in fitness from day-to-day rather than week-to-week — the perfect tool whether you're following an introductory health program or training for a marathon
You can gauge split and pace times with absolute confidence
Fun — swap & compare routes with your friends
Motivation — rejuvenate your interest in training on those dark winter mornings when it's far easier to stay in bed!
Convenience — no more fiddly gadgets, spare batteries, pieces of string, or if you're relying on your GPS for measuring distances, no more standing around in a wet forest waiting while the receiver tries to find service
On-screen instructions make it really easy to install and use, yet extremely powerful
Better than 99% accuracy
Automatic dual-unit display, so you don't have to keep looking up conversion factors
Screen dump showing the twin trip meters
Wide range of measurement units to choose from, including miles, kilometres, yards and metres
Impressive range of measurement units
Maps displayed with full zoom capability
Zoom toolbar icons
Ergonomic design allows routes to be traced out either in one complete movement or in separate sweeps
Active Resolution Technology™ automatically increases the number of decimal places on display whenever the map scale and magnification demands
Compatible with Windows 95 or later

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