Current Version: 2.5.1

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AccuRoute2 User Manual
(PDF: 514kB)

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Apart from allowing maps to be measured with the full power of AccuRoute, the introductory version includes mouth-watering movie demos to whet your appetite and ensure you hit the ground running.

And in case you aren't able to scan in sections from your own paper maps, the trial takes you to the world's best free mapping and satellite-imaging websites, from where some truly remarkable images can be downloaded.

Once the trial has expired, please register for a password to unlock the full functionality once again.

You have two options how to download the AccuRoute2 trial. If you have a fast modem or a broadband connection, download the whole program in one go. Otherwise, take it in two bites. In fact, you can run AccuRoute2 with just the first bite, though it means you won't get all the movie demos; you will, however, get the most important one, the QuickStart demo.

If you have an old version of AccuRoute2, you can also use this download to update for free.

Description Size
Faster Modem Full download
How to Install
Slower Modem Minimum download
(includes QuickStart and Map-Surfing demos, but none of the optional demos of more advanced AccuRoute features)
How to Install
Optional extra download
(all the optional demos of more advanced AccuRoute features, to complement the Minimum Download)
How to Install

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