AccuRoute v2 is jam-packed with exciting new ideas that make it fascinating to use. Here's some good reasons why you'll see quantum gains in fitness when you incorporate AccuRoute into your daily training routine:
AccuRoute2 is quick to learn and easy to use: built-in movie demos step you effortlessly though the acquisition of core skills and more powerful techniques.
AccuRoute2's outstanding precision is almost entirely due to being able to re-position routes after tracing them out. AccuRoute2 also reports the true distance on the ground, not merely the 2D distance on the map - the two can differ considerably in hilly terrain.
Save and recall routes, and swap them with friends. Training log enthusiasts will also welcome AccuRoute's Word export feature containing all the key facts about the route, a visual map and a height profile.
Count those calories! The creators of AccuRoute2 have scoured the scientific literature on calorie burning so you don't have to. The combined effects of body weight, exertion and course profile on the number of calories you burn are all taken into account in producing your very own calorie estimates.
How much do you spend on a decent pair of running shoes? And how often? AccuRoute2 is only a fraction of the cost, and you get updates for free!
AccuRoute's fun!

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