Runner's World (UK), November 2000, p23

What is it? Distance measuring software

Key features Measures any route on maps that you have scanned or downloaded; works with any scale; miles and kilometres; free downloadable preview.

Evaluation AccuRoute is an easy way of measuring your training routes on your PC. You scan in your own map or download one from a website such as, open it into AccuRoute, then trace your route with the mouse. It's as simple as it sounds, and it works on any map, so long as it has a scale reference (such as gridlines). The only difficulties we could imagine are not being able to find the right map on the web, or having one that's too big for your scanner.

AccuRoute shows both miles and kilometres to two decimal places, and seems to live up to its claim of being at least 99 per cent accurate – so long as you can keep your hand steady. You can try it out 10 times for free, by downloading it from the author's website. After that, it's only $20 (about 13) for unlimited use, which you pay by credit card.

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"AccuRoute solves the problem of measuring distances when you can't go in a straight line. It won't matter whether you're walking around the block, cycling around the city, or driving across the state. Simply open a map -- you can scan or download from one of the many map Websites -- then calibrate in any two measurement units. Choose inches, feet, yards, miles, meters, or kilometers. Calibration is easy: Simply click and drag between any two points to establish a 10-unit baseline. Now you can measure distance along the most complex routes by simply tracing the trail with your mouse. You'll get immediate readout of the total distance in any two units. Zoom to get the detail of your route that meets your needs for accuracy. There are no sample maps, however, so be sure to scan or download one to practice with. You'll get 10 uses before you must register."

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Horsforth Harriers Home Page

"Measure your runs on the computer (My favourite!). Download a small programme to trace round scanned maps. 10 free goes before you have to pay. Then its only 12. I've checked it on known races and its GOOD."

Thanks to Ken Kaiser, Secretary of Horsforth Harriers, for permission to include this link.

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Runner's World (UK), September 2001, p36

AccuRoute comes out top in a head-to-head contest against other distance-measuring tools

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Computer Shopper, February 2003, p403

AccuRoute is the first application featured in Software Cafe to have been written by one of our readers. The idea behind AccuRoute is simple, but we can think of no other program that fills the niche that AccuRoute does.

Say you're a runner and you want to find out how far and fast you've been going around a particular route. AccuRoute provides an accurate way of finding out how far you've travelled, without the need for any expensive GPS equipment. Simply find a map of the area where you have been running or cycling, and scan it in to your computer.

Once you've loaded the map into AccuRoute, calibrate the software by drawing a line on the map between two grid points and entering the scale. Then trace your route on the map using your mouse and the program will calculate the distance. You can do this is a single movement or in stages by letting go of the mouse button. The distance counter keeps track of how far your mouse has moved, so you can do this as many times as necessary.

Use AccuRoute to measure untried routes before you leave home, or time yourself on a route and use its calculated distances in your equations for working out average speed and so on.

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