Referrals = Refunds

How would you like to get AccuRoute for FREE?

Claim the full purchase price of AccuRoute back when 5 of your friends also buy it. There's no time limit, and it doesn't matter which specific product (CD, password, upgrade password) any of you have bought, your product will qualify for a refund.

Even if you got an AccuRoute CD in a 3rd party promotion such as a magazine subscription or as a spot prize in a race, you can get some cash back.

Here's how:

  1. Tell 5 of your friends.

  2. When your friends order AccuRoute, regardless of whether it's a CD or one of the two types of password, tell them to put your name in the "How did you hear about AccuRoute" box. There's one of these questions on both the online order page and the printed order form.

  3. When we receive the 5th purchase, we will issue you with a cheque to the value you paid for your product. We can issue cheques in either Pounds Sterling or US Dollars.

If you received your CD as part of a promotion, you can still apply for a refund for the following amounts:
AccuRoute v1 CD8/$14
AccuRoute v2 CD15/$27

In this case, let us have your name and address and we'll start counting.